Are you a health worker or techie looking to improve Nigerian healthcare via technology?

Health Meets Tech Application Challenge

Are you a health worker or techie looking to improve Nigerian healthcare via technology?

EpiAfric and Digital Health Nigeria invite you to join us at the Health Meets Tech Application Challenge, holding on the 5th and 6th of May. The challenge will bring existing health tech startups and new teams of 3 – 6 individuals to create, develop and pitch viable technological solutions to improve health outcomes for the average Nigerian. Solutions judged to be viable and promising will be supported with prizes and mentoring to improve clinical viability, exposure and market adoption.

To get involved in the challenge. Submit your solution here and start building a team to work on it during the 30 hours of the event. You may register to participate without an idea for a solution. Your expertise will be used within a team to develop an application.

Who May Apply

  • Health care workers
  • Health care users
  • Software developers, designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people
  • Existing startups/ businesses
  • You


  • All participants must register in advance of the event. Registration closes 2 weeks prior to event and day-of registrations will not be allowed.
  • All project teams must be comprised of 3-6 members. If team comprises of less than 3, additional members may be gotten via the event’s fb group.
  • Existing teams/ businesses are allowed in this challenge. However, the work to be done during the challenge must be new in either the type of tech deployed or its application.
  • No advance contact may be made with judges regarding projects, and knowledge of such communication may lead to a team’s removal from the competition.
  • Solutions should be working demos and must be presented at the conclusion of the event.

For more information, please send an email to


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