INFOGRAPHIC: Surveying the landscape to reduce poverty

INFOGRAPHIC: Surveying the landscape to reduce poverty

* Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

A shortage of African surveyors means meeting demands for more secure land rights will be near-impossible – unless we adopt new technology, says CadastaFarmers, pastoralists, and residents of informal settlements across Africa are demanding more secure rights to land.

This infographic, produced by land rights NGO Cadasta, aims to highlight the shortage of surveyors on the continent and shows that meeting these demands for more secure rights to land will be nearly impossible using traditional methods.

Cadasta, a community of technologists and land tenure experts, said they wanted to illuminate how recent advances in drone, GPS, and mobile phone technologies create new opportunities to leapfrog inefficient conventional approaches.

“Even in poor countries where there is little transparency, a lack of government capacity, and a poorly functioning land tenure system, individuals, communities, and organizations can be empowered with easy to use technology to document, and thereby clarify and strengthen, rights to land and resources,” said a statement by Cadasta.


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