Nigerians Are Internally Displaced People

Nigerians Are Internally Displaced People

A prudent process sometimes presents a brutal or precious result. Like the extraction of gold in its element.

Do we need a brutal process to produce a life of our dream, to save us as Federal government comes to realize that complain by numbers is almost equivalent to a death by numbers of people waiting for redemption.

Will citizens always wait around for implementation, will they be around to see receive the implementation?

How is it that Nigerians in our numbers almost feel like internal displaced people in the economic ties and life threatening measures perceived to be heard loud and clear?

Structures that hold a society together is habitually as strong as a cobweb whereby only the village chief determines who will be sacrificed to the gods of the hunger games.

How we do we plot an economic graph on the land of a farm who wonders why the land remains the same, the crops the same and his labor the same but with a surely more expensive life.

How much scam stories can exist at a time that will make a suya seller eat up the livers parts of his garnished meat.

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