Politics of Unconscious Incompetence

Politics of Unconscious Incompetence

deep down in your mind

This will start off my series on the collaboration in Competence + Consciousness

Stage 1 .Unconscious Incompetence

Stage 2. Conscious Incompetence

Stage 3. Conscious Competence

Stage 4. Unconscious Competence

The following stages is used significantly in psychology training of brokers on stocks, foreign exchange, natural minerals and anything listed to be sold even Michael Jackson’s glove can get an opening bell.

With the Unconscious Incompetence, the individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit.

It’s as good as putting nuclear button in hands of a man who takes twitter seriously; hoping he does not share borders with another, who is passionate about finding out the trajectory of his missiles versus fireworks of opposing countries or cattle rearing tactician who thinks it is similar to the welfare of people.

Practicing unconscious incompetence is characterized by clever, stubborn and waste.

The political lessons lie in the waste products of the people looking for the next voting cycle half way through office of an unconscious incompetent leaders.

Clever is thinking everyone wants to cheat you because you want to cheat everyone out of appointment position based on tribal assessment and compensation for the kolanut they bought from raising money from the campaign.

The world of politics has surprised everyone in the last decade except stubborn leaders who think it will fit eventually into their mindset while following news fuelled by kitchen cabinet cookers, who have lost track of truth, post truth, fake news and propaganda in the cooking oven.

The problem with waste is that there is no evidence, how do you measure an ongoing process with an unending cycle. How many unemployed graduates do we have?

Who gets to count the stars and stays sane?


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