Protesters set Paraguay’s legislative building ablaze

Protesters set Paraguay’s legislative building ablaze

Paraguay's legislative building on fire
Paraguay’s protesters destroy legislative building

Anti-government protesters in Paraguay’s capital set the country’s congressional building on fire Friday night.

Protesters vandlised offices and hallways throughout the building in Asunción as the flames spread through the structure. Police vehicles also were targeted.

The violence stems from the ruling party’s decision to create an alternative Senate with the purpose of passing a law that would allow President Horacio Cartes to seek re-election.

A group of 25 senators started holding “parallel sessions” Tuesday with that intention.

Fire fighters rushed to the scene while riot police showed up with water tanks.

Police fired rubber bullets at some of the protesters.

A Senate meeting that was to be held Saturday morning has been cancelled.

Protesters indicated they will stop the demonstrations once they get a commitment from Cartes that he will not seek a second five-year term, something prohibited under the country’s 1992 constitution.

Source: CNN


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