My father not afraid to give up the throne, says Sanusi’s daughter

My father not afraid to give up the throne, says Sanusi’s daughter

My father not afraid to give up the throne, says Sanusi’s daughter

Shahida Sanusi, daughter of Muhammad Sanusi, the emir of Kano, says if the throne stands in the way of the truth, her father will gladly let go of it.

Speaking in Abuja during the first annual Chibok Girls lecture, Shahida who represented her father at the programme, said the monarch had dedicated his life to the truth.

She made it clear that he had always wanted to be the emir, but that he believes in the truth.

“My father is not afraid of giving up his throne if it stands in the way of speaking the truth. Those who think that my father would keep quiet because he wants to hold on to his throne, I think they don’t know my father,” she said.

“I know that he has always wanted to be the emir of Kano but to him, if it comes between what is right, what his conscience tells him and choosing the throne, he would happily give up the throne.

“My father has always been a part of one controversy or the other and it’s normal for us. We are not scared anymore.

“And honestly, he has been a source of inspiration and pride. He never fails to fight. He fights for progress, liberty, justice and equality. Those who think they know my father should know that he will never be silenced by blackmail and intimidation. He lost his position once as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and I remember his quote that you can suspend a man but you can never suspend the truth. I know he does not mind being the most unpopular emir so long he speaks the truth.

The lecture was organised by the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement, the group which has been advocating the release of the girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgents three years ago.

Of late, Sanusi has been in the news over some candid views that have attracted criticisms.

At the second edition of the Kaduna Investment Forum, the traditional ruler called on northern leaders to accept the realities of the modern world, and educate the girl child.

Before then, he called on all religious and traditional leaders to refrain from beating their wives, adding that they will lose their titles if they do so.

He also corrected the “Islamically incorrect” views of Abdulaziz Yari, the governor of Zamfara state, who said meningitis is a product of fornication.

Last weekend in Morocco, Sanusi said Zamfara state started the implementation of Sharia in Nigeria but now has the highest poverty rate in the country.

In response to Sanusi’s teachings, messages on and off social media have accused the emir of squandering N3 billion of Kano emirate’s money on buying two Rolls Royce and on hiring chartered flights.

Sanusi was also accused of “kissing, holding and romancing ladies in public” with the picture of him hugging a woman in public.

The government is set to investigate his financial deals, according to one report. EFCC may “arrest” him, and this will lead to deposition.

But a Kano palace insider had told TheCable that the allegations are “the usual rubbish”.

Source @thecableng

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