Points to Note Before NYSC Registration 

NYSC registration starts on Thursday  20th April 2017. Here are some important points to note…… 

Information is a powerful tool. In order for you to be informed, I am presenting some things you must know  as regards your NYSC registration and afterwards
1. You must have a functional email or gmail. DO NOT make use of the cyber cafe email. If you don’t have, create a new one. It’s simple and easy to create. A gmail is better…
2. Make sure you Register with your active phone number. DO NOT also use the cyber cafe’s phone number.

As time goes on, you will be getting text messages from NYSC. There are important messages you do not want to miss. So your active phone number will be a life saver.
3. After registration, keep checking your mail. A URL address would be sent directly to your mail. That address will redirect you to an NYSC website where you can print ur green card.

Do not miss that.
4. You will pay #3,000 preferably online with your debit card (mastercard or verve not visa). It is mandatory if you want to print the letter online. But you can alternatively go back to your institution to collect for free.
5. You must do your Biometric verification by yourself. Somebody cannot do it for you. Make sure you complete the process. It is very important. Do not allow anyone to do your thumb printing for you. Do it by yourself. The 3 official NYSC websites are:



6. Four states will be chosen from four geopolitical zones. Note: You would not be posted to your state of origin and state you graduated from.
7. In d camp, u will need d following: Original Degree/HND Certificate/Statement of result where applicable (for sighting), professional licence or registration (where applicable) Colour printout of Call-up letter and Green card, school ID, medical fitness paper from a government hospital.
8. You print your call up letters from your mails. Make sure you change your password after printing so that the cyber cafe operator wont go to your mail without your consent. You can even print on your phone, save to a flash drive and print it with a Colored Printer.

9. Your Green Card and Call Up Letter should be printed with colored printer and not black and white printer.
10. Do your registration by yourself or be actively present when doing it. Some information would be collected via the form that you can’t just leave for someone to guess for you.
11. Upload your medical papers/marital papers(for ladies only) where necessary to facilitate your posting accordingly.
12. When you choose one state in a geopolitical zone other States therein would disappear for you.
13. As states get filled up to their capacity, they disappear entirely from the portal. Therefore, it pays to log on to the portal as early as possible and in a fast internet facility.
14. When in doubt, dial the phone numbers on the portal for clarification.
15. You would eventually be posted to any of the four choices you made.


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