A dangerous cabal ‘seeking to destabilise’ Nigeria

A dangerous cabal ‘seeking to destabilise’ Nigeria

The National Coalition of Democrats, comprising 22 democratic groups, says a “dangerous cabal” is seeking to use issues around President Muhammadu Buhari’s health as an opportunity to achieve a clandestine motive.

Addressing a press conference in Jos, Plateau state capital, on Tuesday, Melvin Ejeh, executive director of Global Peace and Life Rescue Initiative (GOPRI) and Charles Okoroji of the Action Against Oppression Initiative (AAOI), said some self-acclaimed political gladiators are “making a storm out of a tea cup in pursuit of reinventing their fledgling political stature”.

They warned those who want to hide under the “pretext of Mr President’s health challenges” to grab power to “desist from such illicit act”.

“In recent days, we have seen a cabal go to work. Members of this cabal had been secretive hitherto but they have developed a measure of boldness since Mr President took out time to rest in the last couple of weeks,” Ejeh said.

“The dangerous thing about this cabal is its ethnic tilt and composition which points to something dangerous for the country.

“In a curious but saddening case of deception, they are hiding their agenda behind the façade of national interest.

“Members of the cabal have been giving damaging information to further heighten apprehension about Mr President’s health. The categories of information agreed at a meeting some few days ago included any document that can be interpreted to imply a deteriorating health condition of the commander-in-chief, pictures and videos of Mr President convalescing.

“A point man has already led a handful of others to heighten concern over President Buhari’s health. The brief of these people, as we have learnt, is in addition to heating up the polity with their utterances to contrive a phantom constitutional impasse that politicians waiting in the wing will latch on to make trouble.

“We urge President Buhari not to allow the antics of this cabal to stampede him into cutting short his recuperation time. No one is God and health challenges occur to mortals and is not by choice.”

Source @thecableng

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